Window Replacement Cost

Window Replacement CostIn the last article we covered how much are replacement windows on a type by type basis.

Now we discuss window replacement cost and what determine why pricing can be different from one company to the next.

When calculating window replacement cost we need to take several factors into account.

First is what type of window replacement is best for your house (pocket replacement or new construction).

Second is what material are the windows going to be constructed off (wood, vinyl, fiberglass).

Third factor is what type (double hung, casement etc.) and size (united inches) are the replacement windows going to be.  Finally, who you hire can have a significant effect on your window replacement cost and overall satisfaction in the job.

Pocket vs. New Construction Window Replacement Cost

When it comes to the cost of a pocket replacement window versus a new construction replacement window there is no comparison. By far the pocket replacement window is going to be less expensive than the new construction window.

The main reason for this is with a pocket replacement window the interior and exterior trim of the window mostly stays intact.  On a new construction window the whole window frame exterior trim interior trim are all replaced so there is an added cost.

For more in-depth breakdown on this checkout my previous article on pocket replacement windows.

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Type of Material Related To Window Replacement Cost

The type of material that your replacement windows are constructed of is also going to be a big factor in your window replacement cost.  Wood windows with either a vinyl or a aluminum clad exterior are going to be more expensive than vinyl windows.

Fiberglas replacement windows are becoming increasingly popular and are in the price range of wood windows or slightly more expensive.

For a comprehensive breakdown on this checkout this previous article on average cost of replacement windows.

Type & Size of Windows

The next factor I’m going to touch on here that has a significant effect on window replacement cost is what type and size of windows are you replacing. Obviously the larger the window the more expensive it’s going to be. But, what type of window also has an effect on replacement cost.

For example, a typical 32 x 54 inch double hung window is going to cost less than the same size window if it were a casement window.  This is due to the different types of hardware that are installed on different windows.

The hardware necessary to make a casement window correctly is more expensive than the hardware needed to make a double hung window operate correctly.

Selecting a Window Replacement Contractor

This factor can sometimes be taken for granted. A lot of us when selecting services just go with the lowest price.  In my opinion this is a mistake when selecting a window replacement contractor. Here’s what I suggest, get three to four quotes from reputable local window companies.

Be sure when comparing the different quotes that you are comparing apples to apples in those quotes.  For example, if one company is quoting you vinyl windows and another company is quoting you fiberglass windows the prices are going to be miles apart.  So just understand that is important.

Finally, I would take the quotes and most likely would concentrate on the one or two quotes in the middle.  Do some homework on those two companies.  Search online for any testimonials or complaints and ask for a couple of references of recent window jobs they completed.

Now I know this sounds like a bit of work, but, if you just go with the cheapest price it may cost you in the long run.  Nothing would be worse than having all your windows replaced only have to have them need to be  replaced again in five years or so because they failed and the company who did the installation is now gone.

How To Find Local Window Replacement Contractors

If you’re not sure who to call in your area than Click Here and we’ll get the ball rolling for you with quotes from local window companies in your area. All who have been screened and provided proof of insurance plus the necessary state licenses.

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Next Time

We are going to cover in detail what make a window energy efficient.

by Brian Kiernan

Educating homeowners on replacement windows and providing simple information to get them a great product at a great price done quickly by a reputable window pro.

  • Hi, very nice and informative article.. However that one difficult question has not been answered. Over all considering biggins and littlens – from mid to expensive. What is the average cost considering Installation, Low E, double thicker glass, argon, vinyl and a good warranty – I am seeing around $500.00 – is this consistent with any one else’s findings ?

  • I believe between $425 and $500 is correct for the things you list. Other options which could bring the price up higher would be if you needed new exterior aluminum around the window and if you need colonial grids.


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