Last post we talked about if replacement windows always add value. Now let’s talk about the average cost of window replacement.

Please keep in mind these are averages and every job and situation is different, but if you a looking for a ballpark figure to what you may be looking at these will do.

When calculating the average cost of window replacement there are several factors that need to be taken into account.  For example are your new windows going to be new construction replacement windows or pocket replacement windows?

Are they going to be vinyl replacement windows or wood replacement windows? Also what styles are the windows going to be? Double hung windows, casement windows, hopper windows; this will all make a difference in price. Also, will the windows have grids, no grids, low-e, argon; this will also change the final price per window.

So as you can see that calculating the average cost to replace windows it’s not such a cut and dry answer.  In this post I am going to talk about average cost of the most common type of replacement windows, vinyl replacement windows.


Vinyl double hung pocket replacement window:

This is the most common replacement window around for several reasons.  One is many homes in the United States were built with wood double hung windows over the past hundred years or so. That means that many homes need a double hung replacement window.

Two, vinyl windows are a very cost-effective way to replace old drafty windows with new energy efficient ones and can be built to custom sizes in 1/8″ increments at reasonable prices.

Three, vinyl is a very easy material to maintain.  You do not need to paint vinyl windows and maintenance is just the act of cleaning the windows as you see fit.

The average cost of a vinyl replacement window is between $400-$575 per window for a double hung.  That price includes the cost of the new vinyl replacement window and the installation of it.

The big difference in price would be for reasons like the manufacturer of the vinyl window (which series you go with in their line), grids, low-e and argon gas for example.

Vinyl casement pocket replacement window:

A casement window is also a popular replacement window. Used all across the United States this window is most commonly used in ranch-style and contemporary homes.

They also go very well over a kitchen sink. I replaced my double hung windows or my kitchen sink with casements and my wife loves it. The crank makes it easy to open when reaching over something like a kitchen sink .

With all things being equal between a double hung and casement window, the casement window will be slightly more in cost because of the added hardware for the window to operate.

The average cost of a vinyl casement replacement window is between $500-$675 per window.

Vinyl hopper replacement window:

This style of vinyl window is most used to replace a window in a basement. A hopper window is a window that opens into the room from the top and is measured to fit in between the concrete or stone of a foundation wall.  A hopper window would replace an old steel framed single pane window.

Depending on the situation, the steel frame could stay in place and act as a stop or something for the new window to butt up against.  The average cost of a vinyl hopper replacement window is between $300-$400 per window.

Now these window prices are based on my experience and the average cost of window replacement may vary slightly depending on the part of the country you live in.  But, for your average every day vinyl replacement window, these prices should be in check.

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