Specialty WindowsIn the last post we talked about Bay and Bow windows and right now we are going to cover specialty windows. Now these replacement windows are not for every home, but they can add some nice detail when used correctly.

Windows are an important feature for any home. While the standard for most homes are windows that are square or rectangular, windows can also be used as a way to add a great decorative touch to any home.

Many people are choosing to make the windows of their home a decorative feature as opposed to just a functional one.

Specialty windows come in all shapes and sizes such as octagons,  triangles, circles, quarter circles, half circles, ovals, and  many more shapes as well.

Choosing one of these specialty windows can often be difficult for a homeowner as stepping outside of the norm can often sound easier than it actually is.

Where to Use Specialty Windows

A specialty window can be used in any room of a house. The great thing about these types of windows is that they offer a unique look no matter where they are placed. Some of the places that you should consider placing a specialty window include:

  • Above a door
  • In an attic space
  • In a foyer
  • Above a fireplace
  • In a alcove
  • Above a large window

Placing a specialty window above your door can create a whole new look. There are small windows in different shapes that can be placed in the space above the opening of your door. These can be created with different types of glass to set off the look of your front door.

Attic spaces typically are high in the frame of the house. Placing a specialty window in this area of the home will draw attention to the top of the home, making the home appear larger.

If you have a large foyer this is a perfect place to add some detail.

If your fireplace sits on an outside wall consider placing a window above it. This can provide you with a unique lighting for the home as well as a great view at night when you have the fire going.

Are Specialty Windows Right for my Home?

Replacement windows for the home can be a great investment. In fact, replacing the windows of a home is one of the best home improvement options for the money spent. Choosing to do something a bit different with the style of window in the home can just add that much more to the home.

When considering specialty windows it is important to not go overboard. Choose one or two specialty windows for the home that will add a bit of flair to the home without being too over the top. There are some great windows available that will give your home more natural light and add value to your home. Make sure to consider your different options when shopping for new replacement windows.

Some of the Options

 Octagon:  Round:  Oval:
 Octagon Windows  Round Windows  Oval Windows

These 3 can come as an operating window or non-operating. Used above front doors in raised ranch style homes quite often, these windows look best in the center of the front of the house up high. Other common places to find these are in the gable ends of homes. It is important to understand when using this type of window in the front of the house it must fit in balance of the overall look of the home.

You can use a bit more loosely in the back of the home if you really want a certain look on the inside of the room.

Specialty Hardware: Another Option

Specialty hardware for the window can add a bit of flair to the window and accent the it nicely. There are many great options for those individuals which think normal hardware is just blah.

For those looking to add some flair to the regular windows in their home, adding decorative hardware and designs to the window dressings is a great way to add architecture and design to the home that is creative and simple.

There are many unique things that you can do by simply using different types of hardware to play with the shape of the window.

Overall, specialty windows can be a great option for those that are looking to add a bit of architectural design to the home. Adding a curved top to a plain square window can create a whole new looks for the home. If you are not ready to add new specialty windows to your home you can achieve the same type of look by starting out with curved hardware and playing with different accents for the window before committing to a specialty window frame.

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