Energy Efficient Window Features

In this post we are going to cover 5 things which make a replacement window energy efficient.

If you are going to maximize your return on investment for your window project, you need to know what makes a window energy efficient.

One of the main reasons we buy replacement windows if not the main reason is to increase the energy efficiency of your existing windows.

You should realize that old drafty and poorly insulated windows are costing you money every month on heating or cooling cost.

Unless you are living in a climate that is 70 degrees year round you will benefit from new energy efficient windows.

But hold on a second not all replacement windows are created equal and just buying new replacement windows without knowing what features to ask for could be costly.

So lets talk about the 5 must have features to maximize the energy efficiency of yours and save you lots of money over the long haul. This is how efficient windows work for you.

5 Features to Maximize Energy Efficiency of Replacement Windows:

1. Low-E – This is listed number one for a reason, it is in my opinion the most important feature to increase the energy rating of any window. Low-E is a reflective coating to goes on the glass inside the window.

Low-E will reflect the sun on the exterior keeping the heat out in those summer months and reflects your interior heat back into the house in the winter months keeping your home warm. Also Low-E keeps out harmful UV rays that fade curtains,furniture and walls. There is an up charge per window of about $20 per window, but as you can see it is well worth it.

2. Argon Gas – Okay I know this sounds like something that would render Superman powerless, but it is a real feature that will help maximize the energy rating. How you say, well what the window manufacture does is fill the area between the glass with argon gas.

This increases the insulated value of the glass. Technically speaking it increases the “R” value of the insulated glass in the window. Argon gas cost about $10 per window and is worth it in the long run.

3. Intercept Spacers – And no I am not making this stuff up. Intercept spacers are a key component to the performance  of the insulated glass in your window. What these spacers do is hold and seal the double or triple pane insulated glass together. Intercept spacers reduce the condensation problems  around the perimeter of the insulated glass.

Intercept spacers are a patented design from PPG Glass Technologies and are common in many replacement windows, now I am not saying your windows have to have Intercept spacers, but they should have something comparable. This technology can increase the energy efficiency of your replacement window by 5%.

4. Interlocking Meeting Rail – Now this is only for double hung  and gliding windows, but never the less is a crucial feature for you new windows. An interlocking meeting rail is where the window meets in the middle there is a channel that looks together when the window is closed.

This does a tremendous job keeping out drafts and reducing condensation. This is a very common feature and if the window you are looking at does not have it move on to the next.

5. Weather Stripping – This is listed last but this feature is not to be over looked. Weather stripping is on the front lines of defense when it comes to blocking air and water infiltration. When looking at samples of windows you should weather stripping all around the edges of the sashes where it meets the window master frame.

Put These Features To Work For You: Now that you know 5 of the major features that will maximize energy efficiency of replacement windows you can make an educated decision when purchasing your new windows. I would suggest you make a small checklist to bring with you when shopping for your windows or when the salesmen comes to your home. Ultimately some of these features will increase the cost of the window, but, in time will pay you back and then some.

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