Window Replacement If you are just starting the process of looking for new windows for your home, it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are many things that you will need to consider before making this large home improvement purchase. Style, efficiency, and cost are just a few of the things that you will want to think about before choosing your window.

Window replacement is one of the best home improvement projects that you can choose to do. While house window replacement cost may seem quite high, it is worth it as you will begin to see savings in your energy costs almost immediately.

Window Operating Styles

There are several styles of windows that you can choose from. The most energy efficient style of window is the casement style. This type of window has a hinge at the side and opens towards the outside. This provides excellent ventilation for your home.

Single hung windows have a traditional appearance and slides up to open. This has been one of the most popular types of windows for many years. However, it is not necessarily the best operating style for those that are looking for energy efficiency or air flow.

Double hung windows are the same basic style as a single hung window. The difference with a double hung window is that the window will open from both the bottom and the top. Each pane will go up/down halfway. This allows for more ventilation. Double hung windows are often more energy efficient as well.

Another operating style that is not seen as often, but is a great choice is the horizontal slider window. These windows instead of opening at the top or bottom or both, instead open sideways. This is a great option for someone that is looking for a window that is a bit less conventional.

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Glass Window Replacement Options

Clear, ordinary glass is what has been traditionally used for home windows. However, there are many other choices available based on the types of features that you desire. Some of the desired features include heat blocking, strength, security, and energy efficiency. Here are some of the different types of glass that are currently available.

Double Pane

A double pane window has improved efficiency. If you live in a colder climate you may want to consider a double pane window that has argon gas placed between the panes to improve the efficiency of the window.


Tinted windows have been designed to absorb heat, thus reducing the amount of radiant heat that enters through the window. This is a good choice for those that live in warmer/hotter climates.

Reflective Glass

This type of glass offers the same idea as tinted glass does, but the glass is coated with reflective film to reflect the heat away from the window.


The Low-E glass offers a very high quality energy efficient window that offers up to a 70% reflection rate of radiant heat. Unlike reflective and tinted glass windows, Low-E windows do not diminish how much light passes through the glass.


This is an extremely strong glass and is one of the more common choices for use in storm and patio doors. When this type of glass gets broken instead of shattering it will crumble into small pellets.

Determining Energy Efficiency

There are two main factors that you will want to consider when choosing the most efficient replacement windows. The first is the R-value. This value is a measure of the window’s thermal resistance. When considering windows for your home you will want to choose one that has an R value of at least 3.0. The higher that the R-value of the window is, the more efficient it is. However, there is no reason to pay a lot more for a higher R-value window in areas where weather is temperate throughout the year. Higher R-values are recommended for homes in colder temperatures.

The other value to consider is the U-factor. This is the measurement of how well the window will conduct heat. This is the opposite of what the R-value measures. Both of these measurements are important and you will need to consider the weather where you live when determining both of the measurements for window replacement for your home.

Estimating the Cost

Replacing your windows is not going to be cheap. Some people choose to start with the smaller windows like basement and bathroom replacement windows, and then replace the windows for the rest of the home after that. Basement window replacement should be considered as soon as possible as there is a lot of energy that leaks out of basement windows that are old and not efficient.

Another consideration is the installation cost. If you can install the windows yourself you will save a lot of money. Installation by a professional will cost almost as much as the windows themselves. However, for some people will find that the cost of installation is worth it because they will have the peace of mind in knowing that the windows have been installed correctly.

VIDEO: If you are thinking about tackeling the job yourself this video may help.


When it comes to researching window replacement it is important to consider all of the factors that are listed above. You will want to make sure to take your time and consider all of the pros and cons of each type of window.

The costs of the job can vary greatly and you will want to make sure that you choose a window that is appropriate for the area that you live in. Research different window installation companies and choose one that is well-known in your area and offers the best prices on their services.

If you take your time to research the different windows that are available you should be able to find great some great windows at a great price. In addition, remember the cost of the windows may seem high at first, but when you consider the amount of money that you will save in energy costs the windows will pay for themselves in just a few short years.

by Brian Kiernan

Educating homeowners on replacement windows and providing simple information to get them a great product at a great price done quickly by a reputable window pro.

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