I got this email in a few days ago and wanted to share with you. It is a great example of a very common basement replacement window install.

As you read below you’ll find the average cost of a basement replacement window and the pretty much standard specs that go along with the job.

Here are the email communications along with a of picture of the job discussed.

On 2013-03-11 15:18, Michael Wood wrote:

Hi Brian,

Thanks for taking the time to read my question. I have 10 metal
windows in my basement that are from 1938 and need replacing. I have
sat through many window sales pitch meetings and also had some
information provided by independant contractors.

I am thinking of going with an independant contractor and he has
sent me a quote. I was wondering if this is in a ballpark of what is
should cost and also wondering if the aluminum coil will be ok as
well as installing wood against the cinderblock to attach the window to
since my original window frame is part of the concrete.

Thanks so much. The quote is:
1) Remove 10 existing basement hopper sashes at the jobsite address.
2) Install wood framing, as needed, to 10 existing basement window
openings, and secure with tapcon concrete screws.
3) Install aluminum coil stock on 10 basement window openings.
Color: Tan.
4) Install 10 solid vinyl basement hopper windows in existing
openings with the following specifications: Color: Tan; Basement
hopper design with top handle latch; Low-E/Argon filled double pane
insulated glass; removable screen.
5) Clean up and haul away all debris created by the above work.

Option 1: Polaris Ultraweld Basement hopper windows. Cost $3,450.00.
Colonial Grids, add $240.00.

Option 2: Vista Basement hopper windows. Cost: $3,200.00. Colonial
Grids, add $300.00

Here’s a picture of the windows in Mike’s basement that he wants to replace.

Basement Replacement Window

Hi Mike,

I will be happy to provide some assistance, the pictures really help

First about the price. It is spot of from what I see, $300 to $400 is
pretty standard for basement windows.

Second again this is typical for basement windows having to remove a
steel frame and make a new one out of wood to have something to attach the new
window to is quite common. Tap-Cons are the concrete fastener of choice these days.

Third wrapping the new wood with aluminum coil is exactly what you
want. Just be sure the new wood is not pressure treated, there is copper in pt wood
now and it reacts badly with the aluminum and corrodes very fast.

If it was me I would save the money on the grids, really no need in a
basement window in my opinion. All in all everything looks good. Let me know
how you make out.

Send me some pics when complete an I’ll have a look at the install if you like.

Any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.


On 2013-03-13 17:15, Michael Wood wrote:
Hi Brian,

Thank you very much for your reply. I have decided to go with this
contractor and not include the grids. Since the basement windows are
not huge and you are in a basement I feel the grids might make it
seem like you are in prison.

I am scheduled to do this sometime in April or May when the weather
here in Ohio is a little warmer. I will be sure to take photos and
send them to you after the job is done.

Thanks again.


So I hope you find that useful as that is an example of very typical replacement window job in a basement. When you have steel frame basement windows like that you need to remove the whole frame from the opening then add new wood in order to have something to attach the new window to.

If you have any questions regarding a window estimate that you got please feel free to email me just like Mike did.

The best way to do this is to visit the ask the advisor page fill out the forms that include pictures for they really help to give you my best opinion.

Also if you’re on Facebook you can visit that Replacement Windows Advisor Page and post your questions and pictures rate on the timeline.

Good luck on your project!

by Brian Kiernan

Educating homeowners on replacement windows and providing simple information to get them a great product at a great price done quickly by a reputable window pro.

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