SilverLine by Andersen vinyl windowsWhen it comes to reputable names in window manufacturers Andersen is at the top of the list. With the highest standards in craftsmanship, great warranties and customer service to back them up.

It’s no accident that they have been, are now and will be a leader in the window market for years to come.

The get a question from time to time to is does Andersen make a vinyl replacement window? And the answer is sort of. So let me explain what I mean.

There are two companies that manufacture vinyl windows that have their names attach with Andersen. The first one is called SilverLine by Anderson.

They where bought out by Andersen in Spring 2006. They had no line of vinyl window in their arsenal and entered the market with a bang. By acquiring the national company. SilverLine make just about every style of replacement window.

Above is a picture of SilverLine window and below is a link to their website.

SilverLine Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows



Second company is American Craftsman by Andersen. These are sold exclusively at the Home Depot. The most common sizes are sold right off the shelves while less common specialty windows such as bays, bows, hopper and picture windows can all be custom ordered. Here’s a link to the American Craftsman website detailing all the windows tell sell.

[Important] Just because Andersen slaps their name on a window brand does not mean that window is made with the same attention to detail that a true Andersen window is.

If you are planning on replacing the windows yourself here is a video detailing how.

[Video] How to Replace Windows: American Craftsman



[Video] Here is a customer who is not to happy with his American Standard Windows at all! This is a review of them, he made 6 videos but I am only showing you one. You will get the point.


This second video shows one of the main problems with buying window at a big box store. When something is made exclusive, it has its pros and cons. Pros = Nice price. Cons = What corners have to be cut to make the price so nice.

Here are two more pieces on the windows.

Quality, Deplorable: American Craftsman Windows: you wouldn’t …
“But I’m gonna try to convince you of it anyway. Consider the hopper window: plastic handle, and only 1 of them; handle doesn’t get incrementally tighter as you crank it into it’s well; no overlapping of the sash & the frame, …”

American Craftsman Windows- Everything You Need To Know …
“Everyone wants to keep his or her home looking great. Clean, safe, and functional upgrades and additions help to increase the value of your home and, in the.”

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