Last post we talked about what makes a window energy efficient. This time we cover a technical aspect of vinyl replacement windows.

Which style of vinyl windows should you use for your house welded corners or mechanical corners?

Before I answer that question what’s get a clear understanding of what the differences are for these replacement windows. Simply stated the welded corner is fused together by heating the material and as it cools it fuses. They mechanical corner is held together by some sort of fastener typically a screw.

The video below shows a great demonstration of the two different types of corners. Why understand they are comparing a fiberglass window two a vinyl window and promoting their own type of window. The point of video is to give you a visual of the two different styles of corners.

VIDEO: This video is a good visual of the difference between a welded and mechanical corner


Now as far as which replacement window corner is correct for you when choosing a vinyl window I would suggest welded every time. We see a welded corner provides a much stronger connection when assembling the window. It also makes a frame more rigid and prevents racking.

If price is the most important thing and you are looking for a cheap vinyl window you may consider mechanically fastened corners for they are somewhat less expensive than a welded corner.

The cost difference is not that great and again I would recommend the welded corner. Overall a final replacement window with a welded corner is going to outperform and outlast one with a mechanical corner.

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