Fiberglass replacement windowsMany people are considering replacing the windows in their home. There is a very good reason for this; windows offer a great way to increase the value of the home by improving the overall curb appeal and increasing the energy efficiency.

When considering new windows, one choice that you will come across are fiberglass replacement windows. There are some great benefits of choosing replacement fiberglass windows for your home. Fiberglass offers a natural insulator because it does not expand or contract and it does not conduct hot or cold. Windows made of fiberglass are three times more energy efficient and eight times stronger than windows made out of vinyl. In addition, there are many colors and styles available as well as the option of having a real wood interior.

What to Look for in Fiberglass vs. Vinyl Replacement Windows

When it comes to choosing new windows, many people will find that vinyl is often the recommended material. The main reason for this is because vinyl windows are easy to maintain and come at a fairly low cost. Vinyl windows also offer fairly decent energy efficiency. So lets take a look at vinyl vs. fiberglass replacement windows

However, there are some great reasons that fiberglass should be chosen over vinyl. Fiberglass is a stable material that only has slight expansion and shrinkage when the humidity and temperature changes. When the window frame cavities are insulated the thermal performance is greater than that of both vinyl and wood.

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Another consideration is the life cycle of the products. There is an issue in the green building community in regard to vinyl. While vinyl is considered to be recyclable, only about a per cent of it is actually recycled each year.

Fiberglass is made out of glass, which is a common and abundant resource. Producing fiberglass takes a significantly less amount of energy than the production of vinyl and there are no air quality issues regarding the use of fiberglass. In addition, fiberglass is recyclable.

Get Reviews of Some of the Top Fiberglass Window Manufactures 

There are several ways to determine the best option when it comes to fiberglass windows. One of the best ways is through fiberglass replacement windows reviews. It is important to compare the different fiberglass window options that are available and read what people have to say about them.

Discuss the different options of fiberglass windows with your contractor and use his/her expert opinion when making your decision. It is also important to only purchase windows from a reputable company to ensure the quality of the product.

VIDEO: Below is a video of Marvin fiberglass replacement windows. They are talking about Infinity Windows which are one of the top fiberglass windows around.


What are Fibertec Windows?

Fibertec Windows are some of the best fiberglass windows currently available. There is a wide variety of products offered by Fibertec to meet the needs of all homeowners. The company will custom build windows in order to meet the needs of their customers. There are both double and triple pane glasses available for the windows as well as numerous different finishes. Homeowners can choose from finishes that include pewter, brass, white, and coppertone.

Fibertec windows offer a high efficiency rating that will help reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home throughout the year.

Why Milgard Fiberglass Windows are Also a Great Choice

One of the best reasons to choose Milgard fiberglass replacement windows is that there are numerous options available. These windows offer durability and the ability to maintain their beauty through each season, no matter what the climate is.

Milgard offers several different series including the ultra-series that provides the traditional window look with the stability and strength of fiberglass. For those the like the traditional look and feel of wood there is the WoodClad™ series that offers wood on the inside of the window paired with fiberglass on the outside.

The great thing about fiberglass is that it is impervious to hot, cold, water, salt air, ultraviolet rays, and water, all of which are the traditional enemies of doors and windows. A fiberglass frame is not going to crack because it gets to dry and it will not peel, warp, or swell.

Another great thing about choosing fiberglass is that just like wood you have the ability to paint it. This means that you can change the color to whatever you wish. There is no need to treat it with any kind of chemical to prevent it from decaying or rotting.

While the cost of fiberglass windows can be more expensive than other types of windows made out of aluminum, wood, or vinyl, they can end up being a better value over time. The attractiveness of the material will add more value to the home than any of the other types of materials used for windows and the durability and long life means that they hold this value over the years.