If you are an expert in replacement windows and have a website or a local business which you are trying to establish online. Being a contributor to ReplacementWindowsAdvisor.com can be extremely beneficial to your goal. We are constantly adding and updating Replacement Window Advisor which is improving our authority in the eyes of Google everyday. We are currently looking for experts in the window industry to add their insights and expertise to our website. This creates a win-win for both our website and for your website.

Help For Our Website:

This is a great way for us get new content from various experts around the country expanding the information and knowledge which our readers can benefit from. We try hard to to provide great and accurate information for homeowners, but realize we could never be an expert on every window brand and company in the country. This creates a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise about the products you install and services your perform. Which creates relevant original content pointing back to your business’ website.

Help For Your Website and Business:

There are several ways.

First, if you are a replacement window professional with a website the best way to improve your rankings in search engines is with quality, relevant backlinks to your website. The more relevant the backlink the better. By creating a unique article with your expertise which has a resource box at the end citing you as the author and a link back to your website creates a extremely relevant replacement window backlink. You will not find a more relevant replacement window website which allows you to place your links on it and call yourself a contributor to it.

Secondly, in order to qualify as a contributor to ReplacementWindowsAdvisor.com you must have a Google+ profile. Within this profile, under the about tab, there is a spot to add contributor links. Once you add the proper link there and we place your Google+ details in the proper section on our website, we are then linked together and you are counted as a contributor to ReplacementWindowsAdvisor.com, officially in Google’s eyes. By you contributing to another relevant website which you are an expert in, places more authority for your authorship, which you should also link to your website improving it’s authority.

Finally, the way in which your post is set up on our site, it has a chance to rank for your brand-name. Meaning when your prospective customers search your brand-name to research your company, and see your post on this website also appear in the search results, that establishes more authority in the eyes of your prospects. Plus, by adding this search result to your brand-name it puts another piece of content in which YOU are in control of.

I cannot guarantee this result, but there is a chance since most of the time your brand-name is not a very competitive term. We will also show you the best ways for you to give your post(s) a “push” and rank for your brand-name. If you have ever had a problem with negative reviews about you and your company or have seen just how easy it happens, you understand exactly what I am taking about when I say YOU are in control of. And not some random review site.

How To Get Started:

If you’re interested in possibly contributing to ReplacementWindowsAdvisor.com please email Brian at info(at)replacementwindowsadvisor.com. Please include a link to your website so we can have a look and any questions you may have for us. This is a free service and the only requirements are that your articles are 600 words or more and original. Plus you must have a Google+ account in order to be added as an author. If you don’t we can show you how to do this, it’s simple.

Look for to hearing from you.


Brian Kiernan
Brain’s Google+