Window Installation

Can I do the Job Myself?

When it comes to replacing the windows in your home many people think that it is a job that they can take on by themselves. This question usually comes after receiving a quote that is high from a window company. You think if I do this job myself I am going to save all that […]

Considering New Window Installation

If you are considering replacement window installation, it is likely that the window installation cost is weighing on your mind. However, if you are considering any type of home renovation project, replacement windows can offer the most bang for your buck. Even if you can only replace a few at a time, the savings that […]

Vinyl Windows Welded Corners vs Mechanical Corners?

Last post we talked about what makes a window energy efficient. This time we cover a technical aspect of vinyl replacement windows. Which style of vinyl windows should you use for your house welded corners or mechanical corners? Before I answer that question what’s get a clear understanding of what the differences are for these replacement windows. […]