Can I do the Job Myself?

When it comes to replacing the windows in your home many people think that it is a job that they can take on by themselves. This question usually comes after receiving a quote that is high from a window company. You think if I do this job myself I am going to save all that […]

What is the Cost of Specialty Windows?

Last time we covered the cost of Bay and Bow windows. Now we will discuss some of the pricing with specialty windows. Please keep in mind that these windows are really all over the board in cost and these are just some numbers to give you a sense of what they may cost you. One […]

Bay and Bow Windows How Much Are They?

Last post we talked about the average cost of aluminum windows and now we will cover the average cost of Bay and Bow windows. This is really thought to narrow down because there are many factors which go into pricing a Bay or Bow window. We will try to give you a sense of what you can expect. […]

Average Cost of Aluminum Replacement Windows

Last post we talked about the average cost of fiberglass replacement windows and now we move to the average cost of aluminum replacement windows. While the aluminum that was used in the past offered a material that was flexible and tended to have several issues, the standards of aluminum windows have gone up in the past few […]

Average Cost of Fiberglass Replacement Windows

In the last post we covered the average cost of vinyl replacement windows and in this post we will cover fiberglass replacement windows. Fiberglass is a fairly new material being used for windows. There are numerous advantages of using fiberglass window replacements. Fiberglass does not rot, corrode, or rust and it also holds paint well. In addition, fiberglass offers […]
Vinyl Window

Average Cost of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Last time we discussed the average cost of wood replacement windows and now we go over the average cost of vinyl replacement windows. The cost of vinyl replacement windows can be tricky to estimate. There are numerous factors that have to be considered when considering the cost of window replacement. Vinyl windows tend to be the most […]

Average Cost of Wood Replacement Windows

In the last post we talked about specialty windows and where they can and should be used in your home. Right now we are going to cover the topic of the average cost of wood replacement windows. Wood replacement windows offer a great choice for individuals that are looking for the most traditional look for […]

When To Use Specialty Windows?

In the last post we talked about Bay and Bow windows and right now we are going to cover specialty windows. Now these replacement windows are not for every home, but they can add some nice detail when used correctly. Windows are an important feature for any home. While the standard for most homes are windows […]

Bay Windows or Bow Windows What’s The Difference?

In the last post we talked about replacement window options and what are the “must have’s” and the “would be nice to have” when buying new window for your home. This post is going to cover Bay and Bow windows, so if you are looking to add or replace one to your house you are […]

Window Options: What is a Must and What Would be Nice

Last post we discussed which styles of replacement windows are available and the pros and cons of each. This time we are going to explore some the the options available in modern replacement windows and point out which are must and what would be nice. When searching for replacement windows there are numerous choices available. It is important to make […]
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