Cost of Aluminum Clad WindowsLast post we talked about the average cost of fiberglass replacement windows and now we move to the average cost of aluminum replacement windows.

While the aluminum that was used in the past offered a material that was flexible and tended to have several issues, the standards of aluminum windows have gone up in the past few years and you can find some high quality aluminum windows on the market.

There are 2 basic types of aluminum windows. 100% aluminum meaning aluminum on the inside and outside. Also  aluminum clad where the exterior is aluminum and the inside is wood.

Generally in the U.S. the more popular choice for residential properties is aluminum clad when talking about aluminum windows for homeowners.

So in this post we will just be referring to aluminum clad windows. Here are some of the types of windows available as well as their costs.

Aluminum Double Hung Windows

When considering replacement double hung windows, you will find that this style is very popular. Double hung windows have two different sashes that each slide up and down. Many people choose the double hung window because it is easy to use and easy to replace when necessary.

When considering aluminum double hung windows you need to make sure that you choose windows that use high quality aluminum. You will find the average cost of a quality aluminum double hung window to be around $550 to $750 per window installed.

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Aluminum Casement Windows

Casement style aluminum windows are another popular design because they are easy to use. This type of window comes in many different styles from which to choose. Instead of the window opening by sliding up and down, the window opens from the hinges that are located on the sides of the window frame. As the entire window will open, this is a great choice for those homeowners that are looking to add ventilation to the home.

The cost of aluminum casement windows will depend directly on the size and style of the window. On average aluminum casement windows cost $650 to $850. Once again, it is important to make sure that you use a quality aluminum style window for the home as some of the cheaper options are not going to provide you with as many benefits.

Aluminum Sliding Windows

When most people think about sliding windows they think about sliding glass doors. However, there are some great sliding windows that are available as well. This type of window is designed so that it will slide as opposed to opening on a hinge. This term is reserved for windows that slide back and forth as opposed to some of the sliding aluminum windows that slide up and down, which are called sash windows.

Aluminum sliding windows can be quite expensive when choosing replacement windows. Aluminum is one of the more expensive materials that are used as mentioned. The average cost of aluminum sliding windows is $800 to $1200 per window.

Aluminum Awning Windows

An awning window will open outward from the hinge that is located at the top. They get their name because the glass protects the window’s opening like an awning offers protection from the elements. Many people choose this type of window above beds or for use above and below larger picture windows. Typically this type of window will use a hand crank to open and the screens are placed on the inside of the window in order to have more protection from the elements.

Aluminum awning windows typically cost $450 $600. The size and location of the windows will affect the price. Other features such as insulation and type of glass will increase the cost as well.

Aluminum Hopper Windows

Aluminum hopper windows offer a great versatility for smaller spaces because they can be opened completely. Smaller windows occupy limited amounts of space and sliding windows only allow the window to be opened halfway, which does not provide as much ventilation. Hopper windows allow ventilation throughout the entire space making them the ideal choice for areas such as bathrooms and basements.

The cost of aluminum hopper windows will vary based on the size and type that is chosen. Typically, you will find this type of window available at around $400 – $550 installed.

Overall Costs of Aluminum Replacement Windows

When it comes to the overall cost of aluminum clad replacement windows is going to be typically higher than the cost of other types of windows such as fiberglass, wood, and even vinyl. Aluminum is a durable material and can really stand up to hash elements.

If you live in an area of the U.S. where the exterior of your house seems to be constantly on assault from Mother Nature, you may want to spend the extra money on aluminum clad windows. The are going to stand the test of time.

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