Definitively different windows perform differently in different climates. Say that 10 times fast…

Windows for hot climateIf I lived in a hot climate my first choice would be a aluminum replacement window, either all aluminum or clad over wood if you like the soft feel of window on the inside. My next choice would be a top of line vinyl window line vinyl window. As far as glass I would make sure it had soft coat low-e.

Here is a link to the way Energy Star rates windows depending on which part of the country you live in. Take a look at the chart to give you an idea of what you should be looking for in the area you live in.


Below is a video which talks about Aluminum as a good option for a replacement window in a hot climate and I would agree with that also. The can be a bit pricey though.


This post talk about how to get good energy efficient windows for hot climates.

What Is the Best Energy-Efficient Window Type for Hot Climates …
“With the best energy efficient window, you can control the temperature within your home and make the space cooler during hot summer days.”

A lot of folks are concerned about vinyl windows in hot parts of the country, but with the advancement in vinyl and good vinyl window can stand up in any climate. Take a look at the post below.

Thermal Resistance of Vinyl Replacement Windows
“Vinyl is a fine choice in hot climates. What you should concern yourself with is the thermal ratings on the windows you are interested in. In hot climates with lots of solar exposure you will want to pay close attention to the …”

This is a discussion of a home owner looking for the best replacment windows in Las Vegas. Some good pointers in there also.

“I live outside of Las Vegas. We recently began researching new windows and began getting estimates. I am so confused.”

by Brian Kiernan

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