Vinyl replacement windows are a great choice when the time comes for window replacement in your home. Generally speaking, they are the most affordable type of replacement window.

But when it comes to a vinyl window there are definitely features and options that make one better than another. So I will give a few examples of what makes up a good one.

Sash EdgeFor starters the vinyl should be 100% pure virgin vinyl. This means that the it’s not recycled and reused. Also I believe the frame should consist of welded corners not mechanical. Follow this link if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Other nice options include 1/2 locking screens, night locks/child safety locks, weather stripping at all points were vinyl meets vinyl plus a integrated channel where the two sashes meet in the middle of the window and a cam lock that locks sashes.

That covers the frame so now let’s talk about the glass. The glass should include Low-E and argon at a minimum, plus some type of advanced spacer that goes between the glass. There are several different types and they all have different names so just ask the window salesman about the glass spacer.

Also the glass should have a minimum 20 year warranty on seal failure and lifetime would even be better.

So right below here I’m going to post a few links about what others are saying makes a good vinyl replacement window.

Top-quality vinyl window manufacturers? Can someone recommend a few manufacturers of top-quality windows besides Pella and Andersen? We’re located in Philadelphia, PA.We’re going the vinyl route to save some money, but we want a GOOD window preferably from a company I’ve heard of. We have two estimates already, both of which insist their windows are “the best”– anyone hear of AccuWeld or United Vinyl before?”
Vinyl Replacement Windows/please help!! Trying to figure out the best window for vinyl replacement. From what I found out and correct me if i’m wrong, not such great windows even their top of the line would be alside and silverline. Good vinyl windows would be Simonton, Gorell, Sunrise, Softlite and okna. Also right now I have original aluminum buliders windows that are 46 x 46 sliders.”
Vinyl replacement windows I am getting quotes and I have looked at two window companies and have two more window people coming. I want a good window. I have looked at a company called Midway and really like them. I also looked at Pella too, Midway seemed a little sturdier than the Pella.”
Recommendations for replacement windows I’m trying to pick out replacement windows for my house, & take advantage of the tax credit. I’m replacing the original aluminum windows, and my house is a 30 year old, single story, “Oklahoma prairie style” I think it’s called. I’ve decided on single hung, vinyl windows without grids, since I think they fit the style of the house best, and the way most of my windows are placed, it would be difficult to clean them from the inside, so I don’t see the need to pay extra for double hung.”
What replacement window is ‘BEST’? I have decided to have new windows installed in my house including a new Bay/Bow window, everything new. If you were going to do this what Brand/company would you go with and why? I have been considering Pella, Simington, etc,..”
There is some great information in those post on the forum successfully have a look at that see what others are saying.

If you have a question on whether the vinyl window group interested is good you are welcome to contact me to ask. Just click this link to my Facebook page and post the question right there, I will be happy to help :-)

by Brian Kiernan

Educating homeowners on replacement windows and providing simple information to get them a great product at a great price done quickly by a reputable window pro.

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